Thursday, May 31, 2007

My First Ramble

How cool is this! I have my own blog! Thanks, Kelly, for the "Rambling" idea . . . I love it and it fits me to a tee! I'm sure nobody really cares, but this is where I'm going to record all of those special little moments in life that I don't want to forget . . . including the crazy, hectic ones. Life goes at such a fast pace - it seems like a blur - I don't want to forget things and I want my kids to look back and reflect on some of these moments - even the ordinary ones that don't seem like much at the time. They're all part of life!

Welp - off to get some work done. Adam has a ballgame tonight so I'm sure I'll be talking about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is the Honor Roll Tea for Amber - I'll be chatting about that too I'm sure. This is gonna be fun! Tah Tah for now!