Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 Thoughts

It's been several days since I've posted . . .

David and I had a nice anniversary on the 8th. We went out to eat and to see a movie. It was the 17th anniversary - hard to believe!!

Today has stirred up lots of emotions again. Although I knew no one personally that was lost in the 9/11 attack, it certainly brings all those emotions back and the sadness for the families that lost loved ones. I remember being at work when David called me on the phone. He was working nights at the time and had just gotten home and flipped on the tv. As we were talking about the first plane hitting the tower, the 2nd one came along and hit. It still didn't occur to me that this could actually be a terrorist attack. Not until the plane hit in DC did I start to realize what was actually happening. I remember feeling the urgent need to go home, scoop up my children, and just be with my family. Adam had soccer practice that evening and it was so weird to look up in that beautiful blue, clear sky and not see any airplanes fly overhead.

I also remember how, on the Saturday before, we had gotten together with David's side of the family for BJ's birthday. Then the next Saturday, we got together for David and BJ's mom's birthday. It was so weird how the world had changed from 1 birthday celebration to the next a week later.

It's been a day of reflecting and prayer . . . I continue to pray for those families that lost loved ones.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back Among the Living Again

Gahhhhh! What a rough few days! Had a yucky, yucky cold or allergies or SOMETHING -- so I've been out of commission for several days. Pretty much hung out on the couch with the remote and my nose spray so I could breathe. Glad the worst of that is over. We've all had our turn at it except Amber -- I sure hope she's able to dodge it.

I promised to post pictures but that didn't happen. Actually I need to do that . . . David got a few good pictures (in between raindrops) of the Panthers/Steelers game from the other night. I was impressed considering he NEVER does the picture-taking . . . it's always me. I sent him with a clean memory card so there was no danger of him accidentally deleting some unsaved pictures. LOL. I did fuss at him though - he only took 7 pictures. He said, "I thought I took more than that." He always fusses at me for taking SO MANY but hey, its digital, why not take tons. You can always delete the bad ones.

My sweet little puppies got a taste of the underground fence yesterday. Poor babies. We've had the yellow "caution" flags up for a few weeks or so and have told them "NO" every time they've gotten close to a flag . . . but yesterday we put the collars on them. It didn't take them long to figure out. I felt soooo bad. Then later on in the day, little Cocoa forgot and went tearing across the boundary. Poor baby - he yelped and come running to mommy. I had to hold him for a while. It makes me feel bad -- but we can't keep them locked up in a lot all the time. And once they learn I don't think they'll venture over again. I just hate to see them playing and forget and then come running back with their little tails between their legs. Roxie had her turn too -- but she only went across once. They're still so bad to chew each others collars - so for right now we're just putting the collars on when we're out with them. Eventually they'll keep them on all the time and won't have to be confined to that lot when we're not home.