Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sweet Memories

So with April just a few days away, I tend to get all sad and reminise about my kids being babies. Both of them have April birthdays, and I can' believe that Amber is going to be 12 next week, and Adam 16 the end of the month. Honestly, it doesn't seem possible. I know I'm not the only mother in the world who is watching her kids grow up before her eyes, but dang, it's happening fast. It doesn't seem that long ago they were snuggling with stuffed animals and taking mid-day naps. I guess that's what has sparked this sudden run of "baby" layouts I've done. I really haven't purposely picked out baby pictures to scrap, but looking at the last 4 layouts I have done, you would think I'm on a mission to recreate the past. I have thousands (really, THOUSANDS!) of pictures of my kids as babies -- I'm actually glad that subconsciously I've been reaching for some of those baby pictures to scrap. They make me smile. Here they are:
"Beach Bums" - gosh, they were so cute! Adam was (and wouldn't admit it now, but still is!) very protective of his baby sister.

"My Little Buddy" -- here's Adam waking up from a nap when he was about 1 1/2 years old. He was so sweet when he would wake up - not anymore! lol. Well, in his defense, life isn't as easy now as it was then. The only thing he had to worry about then was what would his afternoon snack be when he woke up. Now it's honors classes and homework and deciding what college he's interested in going to.

"It's Barney Time" -- ohhh my sweet baby girl! She LOVED watching Barney. Well, Adam did too, actually, but Amber could watch Barney all day long if I would let her. I just love this picture - especially with Barney hap-hazardly stuck underneath her. Too sweet!

"Napping with Simba" -- And last but certainly not least, my little buddy with his Simba. Simba was ALWAYS by Adam's side. Always. Simba went to the beach, to Mammaw's, to family reunions, out to eat, EVERYWHERE with Adam. I bet he watched The Lion King 50 times in one year. He loved that movie. And this is one of my favorite pictures. So sweet!

Such good memories here! I treasure these pages! I really do! And as proud as I am to see them growing into adulthood, I do miss these special moments.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back Home

Amber and I are back home from the cheer competition. Well actually - a week has almost passed by. We had a really good time. It was a 2-day competition and the first day was a little rough for the team. We were dropping stunts and just seemed nervous and out of sync. But Sunday, they came back and nailed it! We parents were so proud! They performed like the team we knew they could be! So when it was all said and done, they came in 8th out of 9 teams. Actually I'm very pleased with that showing. With this being the first year this group of girls have cheered together -- we were up against teams that have been together for years. I think they did very well. Here's a few pictures:
Amber 1
Amber 5
And this one I just love her hair: Amber 4
We had a good time, but I'm kinda glad we're getting a little bit of a break. Just in time for softball to take it's place! lol! No rest for the weary!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quick Weekend!

Can you believe this weekend has come and gone?! It's been a quick one for me. Amber and I hosted a table Friday night for the cheerleading Hospitality Dinner. We raised enough money (not me and Amber - but the whole group) to pay for the entry fees for all the cheerleaders next weekend in Myrtle Beach. That's awesome! This competition cheerleading stuff is so expensive -- so every little bit helps. Here's our table - we went with a hawaiian luau theme:

I might have mentioned before that I was lucky enough to be Scrapper of the Month over at Scrapattack Scrapbooking this month. Lauri sent me a wonderful mini-kit to work with, and I had a blast creating these pages. I couldn't have asked for prettier colors or cool supplies to work with.

Alright - I think I'm going to hit the hay and get ready for Monday! It sure does roll around fast! ugghhhh!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Whoo hooooooo! TGIF! And it's going to be b-eau-t-iful this weekend! Seventy's both days! Such a difference from last weekend when it was miserably cold and rained all weekend and then snowed! I'm so ready for spring!

I've been diligently working on my SAS(sy) Scrapper of the Month pages and almost have them done. I'm tickled the weather is going to be pretty so I can take pictures of them outside. Here's a page I did earlier this week for the Letters to Scrap By Blog. Lime Green was our color. My shade is really REALLY limey. lol. Very bright. Amber liked it, though. She usually likes pages that she's the star in!

Yippeee -- let's kick off the weekend!

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's a Snow Day!!!!

Yeahhhh! We waited all day long yesterday for snow that never came! Then last night -- about 7:30, it started snowing, and by morning, the ground was white! Of course, school was out, so I decided I needed to take a snow day. Here's a few pictures from our fun day at home!

And then, of course, the traditional kids and puppies picture. It's not easy trying to get the perfect picture of the 4 of them!

I guess it's back to work tomorrow though! ughhhh! I sure enjoyed today though!