Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

3 days late! Good gracious - it's been a long time since I've piddled with my blog. I'm resolving to try to update this at least once or twice a week. We'll see how that goes!!

Life is getting back to normal after the holidays! The kids went back to school yesterday and practices cranked back up so we're back to our usual running. It's good to get back to a normal routine though.

Adam got his stitches removed yesterday and the puppies got their staples taken out. All went well. Can't believe how those pups are growing! Seven months old and Cocoa is 75 lbs, Roxie 69 lbs. Little miniature horses! Unbelievable!

Vicki is leaving us today and going back to New Mexico. We sure enjoyed having her over the holidays. Hopefully she'll back back in August.

We rang in the New Year with our family and closest friends. We had an unbelievable spread of food: Meatballs, Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, Nacho Dip, Cheese Ball, Stuffed Mushrooms, Wings, Shrimp, Veggie Tray, Fruit Tray, Sausage Balls, Sandwich Puffs, and then Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Friendship Bread, and Apple Bundles for dessert. Can you say YUMMM!!!!

Alright - I'm going to get back on track with eating and exercising, and I'm going to make a point to scrap at least twice a week. I'm debating setting a number goal of layouts I want to complete this year. Still thinking on that!

We're off and running!!