Tuesday, August 28, 2007

School's Back In and Lunar Eclipse

Well yesterday was the first day back to school! Whoo hooo! Kids seemed to have had a good day . . . Adam was really antsy about high school but I think he had a good day - even though he had homework. He took a sandwich because he had heard such horror stories about how they run out of food early and you can't get lunch. He's not much of a sandwich eater, but did take a pb&j and some other snacks just in case. It burns me up that they (being the school) think they may run out of food for the kids. Adam's class is the biggest class yet to come through (462 kids). You would think that if they had this problem before, they would try to fix it before the huge class of 462 kids gets there. Anyway, it didnt seem to be a problem yesterday. Adam said he went in the cafeteria and there was plenty of room and food. False alarm I guess. But we have heard in the past that they would run out of food before all the kids could get fed.

Amber had a hand sanitizer diaster in her bookbag. LOL. The BIG bottle of hand sanitizer that we bought her to last all year somehow spilled in her bookbag. She had a mess - but apparently a germ-free bookbag. LOL. Poor baby! She had a good day too.

We're back to veiwing the sky again . . . this time to catch the lunar eclipse. Adam gets extra credit if he made a point to see it . . . so here we are, in jamas again, getting up at 5:15 in the morning to see the lunar eclipse. We watched it for about 30 minutes - it was almost covered by the time we went back in. I laid back down for about 20 minutes then it was time to get up. Grrrrrrrr! I hate interrupted sleep!

I'll post some pictures tomorrow. Gotta get my card cleaned off before David takes the camera to the Panther's game Thursday night. I don't trust him with "unsaved" pictures (long story - to be saved for another post).

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Josie_24 said...

I'm glad your son got lunch!!! How weird!!