Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's Been a While . . .

Gracious! I was so excited about starting this blog and I've let a whole month slide by since I've last updated it. We've had a lot going on . . . took a wonderful vacation to Hershey, PA and then Niagara Falls, Canada with some of the Graham family. Then the next week after we were back from vacation, our beloved Lucky got sick. That was hard. She was a member of our family and it just broke our hearts. But shortly after that, we were blessed with new members of the family . . . 6.4 lb Roxie and 8.4 lb Cocoa. They haven't taken Lucky's "place," but they surely have brought us many smiles and are a part of the family now. We, of course, miss Lucky and all the special things she did. We now realize just how low-maintenance she was. These new puppies are just like infants -- but we feel blessed to have found the perfect fit for our family so soon after losing Lucky.

Then on to allstars . . . Adam is playing allstars for the Davidson County 14U team. That has been fun. Although they lost their first 2 games (in embarrassing fashion for the 2nd game), he seems to be having fun and is sharpening his baseball skills yet again. He's played baseball since February of this year. We figured up -- after these 2 games at North Surry -- he has played every position sometime this year except for 1st, pitcher, and catcher. That says something to me -- he's a very versatile player and one you can put anywhere.

Amber was disappointed that she wasn't chosen for the 10U allstar softball team . . . but it just wasn't meant to be. It has given her more time to baby the puppies. She seems to have hooked up with Roxie and Adam seems to have hooked up with Cocoa. It's funny how that works. Of course, I love BOTH of those precious puppies . . . but Cocoa is probably the one I go to first and Roxie is David's baby girl. Just funny!

Alright -- let me see if I can stick some pictures in here of all our excitement.

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