Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poor Roxie

Well I see I need to give Roxie equal "blog" time here . . . I posted Cocoa's "quirky" page, but not Roxie's "random" page -- so here it is. Roxie has had to get special attention from us the past week. Of all things, she has a knee injury. First of all, I really didn't even realize dogs have knees, but yes I guess they do. Somehow she has injured her knee. The vet compared it to a torn ACL in a human's knee. Not good news. So, she can do absolutely no running. Do you know how hard that is when Cocoa is in the mix?! She had to get a shot last Tuesday and has to be walked on a leash. She goes back in 2 weeks either for another shot, or hopefully just a good report. If she gets a second shot and that doesn't help, the only other option is surgery. Outrageously expensive surgery. ughhhh! I'm trying not to think about that and be optimistic. And actually today she looked like she was walking better. I'm sure hoping the shot has done the trick!

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